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Editor-in-Chief Editor-Digital Neurology I am an Edupreneur and founder of NeuroCare.AI Twitter - LinkedIn
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Adeel Memon MD
Editor-Movement Disorders Clinical/NINDS-R25 Movement Disorders Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroengineering at UAB
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Umair Hamid MD
Research Fellow PGY-3 Neurology at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria Twitter - LinkedIn
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Muhammad Mushhood Ur Rehman MBBS
Research Fellow Stroke & Regenerative Medicine 7/2021 - 6/2023 Twitter - LinkedIn
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Filzah Faheem MD
Research Fellow Epilepsy 7/2021 - 6/2023 Twitter - LinkedIn
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Talha Nazir MD
Research Fellow 7/2021 - 6/2023
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Muhammad Roshan Asghar MD
Research Fellow Movement Disorder 7/2021 - 6/2023 Website - Twitter - LinkedIn
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Muhammad Umair MD
Research Fellow Headache 7/2021 - 6/2023 Twitter - LinkedIn
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Bao Nguyen MD
Research Fellow 12/2021 - 6/2023
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Afshan Mumtaz MD
Research Associate 7/2021 - 6/2023

Peer-Review Process

In Neurology Pocketbook, all services are provided through the Notion Software-as-a-Service platform designed to facilitate collaborative work. In this way, the Wiki model of collaboration is preserved, but peer review is added for authenticity. For a more collaborative process, monthly meetings are held on Google Meet.
Author Selection: Medical Students and degree-awarded healthcare professionals, physicians, pharmacists, and allied health professionals.
Faculty Selection: Fellowship-trained Board Certified Neurologists with research experience.
Review Process:
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