Intracranial Large Artery Atherosclerosis

1- 50-99% stenosis —> Aspirin 325mg/day 2- Stroke orTIA within 30 days with 70-99% stenosis of major ICA —> Add Clopidogrel 75mg/day to Aspirin upto 90 days 3- Stroke or TIA within 24 hours with stenosis 30% or more of major ICA —> Add Ticagrelor 90mg BD to Aspirin upto 30 days 4- Stroke or TIA due to stenosis of 50-99% of a major ICA —> Add Cilostazol 200 mg/day to Aspirin or Clopidogrel 5- Stroke or TIA due to 50-99% stenosis of major ICA —>Recommend moderate physical activity, systolic blood pressure below 140mmHg and statin therapy

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