Show Your Work!


Show your Work

Showing your work will bring joy, feedback, opertunities & friends. Current and future clinicians need to learn how to efficiently and effectively share there work!

Social Media for Neurology Pocketbook

Post on linkedIn, facebook & twitter! or any other platform !!!
Mention: Junaid Kalia (@jskalia, @junaidkalia)
Tags for twitter: #medtwitter #neurotwitter #neuropkbk
Tags for others: #medicine #neurology #neuropkbk

Example 1

Contribute to Applied, Concise, Practical, Up-to-date, Mobile-friendly & Open Access Pocketbook of Neurology @ Highly recommended for aspiring Neurologist. cc:@jskalia #medtwitter #neurotwitter ##neuropkbk #mededu #neuroedu

Example 2

PUBLISHED! chapter titled "***" <Link>. Contribute to open-access, mobile-friendly, Online Neurology Pocketbook @ Highly recommended for aspiring Neurologist. cc:@jskalia #medtwitter #neurotwitter #neuropkbk

Example 3

Read the chapter titled <title>
Great work by <author 1>, <author 2> [Mention if you know persons' twitter handel
<LINK to >
#medtwitter #neurotwitter #match2022 #nmatch2022
Read the chapter "Cerebral Blood flow" by Mushood-Ur-Rehman; Great work!! #medtwitter #neurotwitter ##neuropkbk

Twitter Threads Guide & Writer!

Tweet the whole Chapter!
Feel free to tweet your whole chapter; there is no copyright issues!

A Beginners Guide To Social Media Posting/Reposting


How Algorithms work

The algorithm rewards engagement, In general this is the hierarchy
1 share is equal to 10 likes (300 impressions)
1 comment is equal to 3 likes (30 impressions)
1 Like is equal to 10 impressions

How often should I post?

Post Per Day (PPD)
15 mins
6 hours
Make sure you join and post in Groups
24 hours
20 Days
Make sure you put a relevent longer comment. Like other comments
Do NOT be SHY to post/repost same content after 7 days
On Twitter you can repost same content every other day

Platform by Priority

  1. YouTube
  1. Facebook
  1. Twitter
  1. Whatsapp
  1. LinkedIn [Important for personal Career growth]
  • Other platforms that I share on instagram, tiktok
  • Platforms that I do not share telegram groups, reddit groups, discord groups, Qurora.
    • But feel free to share!
  • Mention/Tag very important for algorithms so mention and tag
    • YouTube Like, Comment and Full length video View [this drives organic growth)


URL Shortener:; or install Chrome Extension (for twitter only)
Emoji: 📢 🔉 🗣 🔊 🧠 ✶ 🌐 👥 🚀 ❊ ✺ 🎯 🌀 🔥 🌟 💥 ✨ 💡 ✒️ 📈 📊 √ 💉

Anatomy of a Post

New/Original Post

Title: Emoji - then title
📢 Digital Transformation of Healthcare
I did not realize the significance of digital transformation. Great talk (use shortener for twitter)
CC: @JunaidKalia @RoshanAsgar @Umair (add others)
Tag: #digitalhealth #heatlhcare #digitaltransformation

Re-share Post

One line: 🔥 Must Watch/Must Read/Excellent presentation/Great talk
Mention: @JunaidKalia (linkedin, Facebook) @jskalia (twitter)
Tags: As follows
E.g (QUOTE RETWEET) or share button on Facebook and LinkedIn
🔥 Must watch for residency applicants
CC: #jskalia (add other you know) or @junaidkalia in linkedin
Tag: #medtwitter #neurotwitter #residency
Tags for Facebook: #digitalhealth #heatlhcare #<ADDONE>
Tags for Linkedin: #digitalhealth #heatlhcare #<ADDONE>
Tags for Twitter: #medtwitter #neurotwitter #<ADDONE>
Facebook Specific (most important)
[I hate facebook it really distracts me, so really need help here and seem to be the most important platform for organic growth]
  • Join different Facebook groups and share AINeurocare Post there
  • Search: Medical student, USMLE, Residency, Neuroscience, AIinHealthcare, Digitalhealth in Groups join them and get the feel for the group and then post start posting regularly. Including older content. Especially in replies


  • Forward YouTube and facebook links to the boardcast list
Tags List
#Machine Learning, #Artificial Intelligence, #MLinHealth, #AIinHealth, #MedicalEducation, #Neurology, #AINeuroCare, #Healthcare, #Physician, #Clinician, #Medicine, #digitalhealth, mHealth #healthcare #innovation #machinelearning #datascience #research #technology #health #medicine #data #ai #digitalhealth #bigdata #artificialintelligence #analytics #informatics #informationtechnology #science #biotechnology #healthdata #precisionmedicine #publichealth #digitalmedicine #digitalhealthcare #digitaltherapeutics #digitalinnovation

Understanding the Value Exchange

Understanding the Value Exchange
Lets help each other!

Value by Junaid/

Time - Time is extremely important aspect; I charge 500$ per hour for my consultation FYI
Expenses - Software services, web developer, virtual assistant, article processing fee
Recognition - As authors, volunteer research positions
Networking - Leveraging my network to bring opportunities
I can easily revert this efforts to Digital marketing my self.
Buy Google and facebook ads
Hire a digital marketer
We exchange value for value

Value Exchange

If I am providing value then expect value in return, not just clicking re-share is enough
  • View the video
    • Like video and other comments as well
    • Put a good longer comment relevant to the content
    • reply to other comments
  • Show some effort in posting
    • Come up with good post and tweet
    • Create relevant tags to the content
  • Mention me and link to the content
  • Watch, read and learn about social media posting to be better at it

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